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CallBoard + Tandem Built

Because of the partnership between our two companies,  CallBoard’s professional account holders have access to free web hosting. This applies to all actors and directors who create their website through Tandem Built.

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About Tandem Websites

User Friendly

We create our websites through WordPress, a user-friendly platform that helps you manage your content. This provides you with the ability to create stunning pages and portfolios that promote your career.

Custom URL Name

Set up your website with your own custom URL. You are free to choose the name that you are represented by.

Support & Training

In addition to our lightning fast support, we also provide free over the phone training. We will teach you how to update and add content, menus, images, pages, etc.

Quick Turnaround

Depending on the template and design that you desire, we can have your portfolio website up and public in 1-3 weeks. To learn more about our process of design and development, visit our Method page.

Page Builder

Easily edit, customize, design each page with our user-friendly visual page builder.

Regularly Maintained

We ensure that your website displays perfectly 24/7. If any bugs come up, we work fast to fix them. Don’t worry about the day-to-day maintenance, we have you covered.

Pre-made Templates

We have a wide selection of WordPress templates to choose from. If you are unsatisfied with our template selection then have our design team create a custom template that is perfect for you and your brand. Feel free to view our portfolio.


Each new website design that we create takes a lot of man-hours. After paying for the initial set up fee your year-year hosting and maintenance are free. Free hosting lasts as long as your CallBoard membership is active.


Bare Minimum

Free – $100

One time payment

Build your own website using the Divi Builder. Get set up with hosting and all the tools/plugins that let you create your own beautiful WordPress website. Only pay if you need support or training.

Tandem Template


One time payment

Use one of our stunning custom portfolio templates. We are proud of our designs and our design team who made them. New website templates are posted regularly.

Custom Design

$600 +

One time payment

We have a team of designers and developers that will create a website that promotes your style and brand. Have a website style in mind? Let us build it for you!


If you are interested in setting your own website with free year-to-year hosting, shoot us a message! We are very responsive.

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