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Invoice Number INV-0009
Order Number 0005
Invoice Date April 1, 2019
Due Date November 1, 2019
Total Due $0.00
Empower Slave To None

This invoice was generated because of the affiliation between Tandem Built (Adam Baird) and Empower: Slave to None (Sandra Hadley). If there are any questions please email

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
.25 3 Apr 2019

(on call) Resized subheader text on the home page for mobile devices. Resized video frame on the "top 10 addictions" page to appear larger.

.26 24 June 2019

Added and adjusted the new tag line on the top of the home page

1 New Home Page Design

Over 27 hours were spent in developing a new home page similar to the home page on Square Space. Not only was custom CSS and HTML used but also custom images were created for the specific animations. This price also includes the cost of making the page mobile responsive. While way more time was spent on this project than originally expected, I will be providing the discounted rate. $1080 was reduced to $850. This does not include the time spent on additional changes requested by Sandra on the home page.

7.4 Begin Adventure (New Page Design)

The creation of this page was made over several days with several changes requested by Sandra over the phone. During these hours I created custom images and a custom module to help facilitate the desired design. Much of this time was spent adjusting font sizes and positioning over the phone with Sandra.

I did not charge for my time to make it mobile responsive.

2.3 Fourth Slide (Home page)

(On-call) Added a fourth slide to the home page. I had to reword code and animation timing in order to ac

Item 6commodate the fourth slide. (Slave To None)

1.6 Blog Page

(off call) Quickly put together a new blog page based off of another website that Sandra really liked. (on-call) made changes to the blog page per-Sandra's request.

Sub Total $1,338.40
Tax $0.00
Paid -$1,338.40
Total Due $0.00