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Invoice Number INV-0001
Order Number 0005
Invoice Date January 31, 2019
Due Date February 15, 2019
Total Due $0.00
Empower Slave To None

This invoice was generated because of the affiliation between Tandem Built (Adam Baird) and Empower: Slave to None (Sandra Hadley). If there are any questions please email

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
8.26 12 Sep 2018

(off call) Created 2 New page templates. Join the Movement Page and Join The Street Team Page. Edited many images (t-shirts etc.). Edited/Styled the CSS code to display correctly. Set Sandra up with an account and Donor Box. Edited the styling of the Donor Box opt-in form. Embedded the form (code) on the Street Team page. Connected Donor Box to PayPal. (on call) worked off of Sandra's input and adjusted the styling of both pages. Made other small edits to other pages. Changed the standard Green of the website from #00c4b3 to #17ddb7.

0.42 2 Oct 2018

(on call) trained Sandra on how to edit text on the website.

0.02 3 Oct 2018

(on call) Deleted one line of old code so that it wouldn't show on the website.

0.32 4 Oct 2018

(on call) Consulted Sandra on changes that she wanted to make to the hope page.

0.03 9 Oct 2018

Added the pintrest icon to the footer. Made sure all the links were working.

1.31 18 Oct 2018

(on call) Trained Sandra on how to add a new music link to the menu. Helped her troubleshoot youtube. Googled for her on how to change the featured youtube video. Seached pintrest for other Empower STN accounts. Found them. Looked up instructions on how to delete pintrest accounts. Helped Sandra learn how to change the thumbnail image on Youtube. Sandra will continue to work on Pintrest with Courtney.

0.1 14 Nov 2018

(Free work - on call) I hid the movie play button from the homepage. Once Sandra fixes the click funnels we can unhide it.

1.88 6 Dec 2018

(on call) mad several changes to page titles. Added videos to home page and Join the movement page. Edited menu options (Become a Coach). Helped edit the Hope album video on Youtube.

1.73 10 Dec 2018

(on call) Added titles so some of the pages. Added another videos to the events page. Changed the order of the videos on the home page. Resized titles for for moble devices. Edided the paragraph under Become a Coach. Edited the menu items (top 10 addictions and become a coach). (off call) Changes the first menu items to be green on mobile devices. Made the Mobile menu smaller in size.

0.3 11 Dec 2018

(off call) make the submenu on the mobile device white. Added the word "empower" before blog on the moble menu.

0.59 7 Jan 2019

(on call) reviewed the home page with Sandra and decided to change the first line to say " We inspire to liberate perople from addiction" Trained Sandra on how to add images to blog posts. (off call) Changed the first line to be green on mobile devices.

1.27 25 Jan 2015

(on call) Worked with Sandra on adding multiple videos to the top of blog articles. Also made several adjustments to the content of each article. These edits were done to picture placement, sentence structure, and video placement.

Sub Total $645.20
Tax $0.00
Paid -$645.20
Total Due $0.00