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Invoice Number INV-0017
Order Number 0005
Invoice Date February 1, 2020
Due Date March 5, 2020
Total Due $405.00
Empower Slave To None

This invoice was generated because of the affiliation between Tandem Built (Adam Baird) and Empower: Slave to None (Sandra Hadley). If there are any questions please email

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
4.5 19 Mar 2020

(on call) made small changes and edits that she requested to me over the phone. (off call) made changes that were requested over emails that she sent me.

1.2 23 Mar 2020

Made several changes requested by Sandra over email. Edited the mobile styles for the "Freedom made simple" page.

2.2 27 Mar 2020

(on call) Worked with Sandra on updating settings on her PayPal account. (off call) connected PayPal gateway to the payment form on her website. Made other small changes that she requested in her emails.

.2 29 July 2020

Updated the connection between the website and Instagram (as requested over email).

Sub Total $405.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $405.00