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Invoice Number INV-0015
Order Number 0005
Invoice Date February 1, 2020
Due Date March 5, 2020
Total Due $0.00
Empower Slave To None

This invoice was generated because of the affiliation between Tandem Built (Adam Baird) and Empower: Slave to None (Sandra Hadley). If there are any questions please email

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1.5 20 Feb 2020

(on call) Made several small changes to spacing and layout. Guided by Sandra.

.31 3 Mar 2020

Changed the Category for the blog articles to "Freedom" instead of "Unslaving". Updated it on the blog pages.

.75 5 Mar 2020

Edited the titles off of all the blog sub-pages to match the home page.

1.75 13 Mar 2020
6.2 14 Mar 2020

(on call) made several changes to the "My journal pages". Designed and developed a new page "Freedom Made Simple". Made several other changes/tweaks to the menu and other website pages.

1.5 16 Mar 2020

(over email)

7.6 17 Mar 2020

(over email/text) Made several edits as requested over email/text. The largest project was setting up Stripe and integrating it with the "Freedom Made Simple" page. Made additional changes to the home page images. Made various other changes to videos, images, page styling.

Sub Total $980.50
Tax $0.00
Paid -$980.50
Total Due $0.00