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Sanford, CO 81151


Invoice Number INV-0221
Invoice Date November 2, 2020
Total Due $7,400.00
Robert Jensen

35 S. 400 W., Ste. 300
St. George, UT 84770

This invoice is for custom website development and design for Jensen Law Firm. Ensuring that the website correctly reflects the professional branding and expectations of the company.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Design & Branding

Website Goal Identification
- Analysis of Competitor Sites—functionality, branding and content
- Understand the goal of site and what determines success of site
- Research Target market

Mood Board Creation
- Determine Styles for Visual Direction and Brand Continuity
- Presentation of Mood Boards for Approval
- Application of Revisions

Site Map & Wire Fame Review

Content Creation/ Management of Delivered Content
- Content and Brand Consistency

Creation of Visual Elements
- Create icons, graphics,
- Photo acquisition—enhancement and correction
- Create stylistic visuals i.e., watermarks, textures, photo overlays etc.

Landing Page Mockup
- Submit Pages for Approval
- Apply Revisions
- Submit Revised Mockup for Build

Create Mockups of 2nd and 3rd tier pages
- Submit Pages for Approval
- Apply Revisions
- Submit Revised Mockup for Build

Oversee Design/Brand Implementation Through Completion of Site

1 Configure DNS
1 Developement

The development will include page templates (home page, sub-pages, contact page, resources pages), SEO optimization, website speed, SSL security, and other PHP, HTML, and CSS work.

1 Format Content

Formating text, images, resource articles, and establishing them on the new website.

1 Revisions and Content Changes

Additional branding, word, and design changes made to the website. This is also for additional revisions made before the site is live.

1 Google Business Set up

Claim Business on Google, set up reviews and business information.

1 Hosting and CMS Maintenance

(Yearly Fee) This includes two things.
1. Establishing secure hosting for website files.
2. Maintaining the code so that the website does not break with future PHP, WordPress, and browser updates.

Sub Total $7,400.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $7,400.00